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. ahead the aftermath of superstorm sandy. president obama took a tour of the damage today. you will get to see some of it as well. >> and we will catch up on the presidential campaign nearing the finish line now with just six days to go. mitt romney pours big bucks into some of the swing states that he may be losing. >>> i'm michael finley. ahead on 7 on your side, the frustration of automatic bill pay. >>> there is a new presidential order today. 15 minute rule for federal agencies to respond to requests for help in new jersey. residents of the jersey shore are have lost their homes and businesses to superstorm sandy. abc 7 news reporter david louie is in the newsroom now with video of the destruction. david? >> superstorm storm sandy has done an estimated $20 billion in property damage, much of it along the new jersey shore. recovery it on the mind of residents but the biggest challenge is where and how to get started. the damage is widespread. the scope of the destruction is best seen from overhead. miles of new jersey shoreline, a summer play ground for generations have been battere
of hurricane sandy. but the bad news is never far away. sandy is now responsible for at least 113 deaths. nearly half of those were in new york. these are the above and after pictures of the damage. 730,000 new york residents are without power and overnight temperatures dropped into the 30s. >> people are in homes that are uninhabitable. it's going to become increasingly clear they're uninhabitable when the temperature drops and the heat doesn't go on. that's when they'll know they're uninhabitable. >> they also warned the fuel shortage will end for days and doesn't know when it will end. and the monday commute will not be back to normal. >> check us these amazes images of the damage. this satellite shot shows the before and after damage in new jersey, maryland, and new york. see just how bad the destruction is along the coast. sand, where homes and parks used to be. hundreds of homes and building destroyed. >>> disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to the victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross, and samsung will prov
will be distributed. mayor bloomberg insisting sunday's marathon will not divert resources from victims of sandy. he responded today to go ahead with the race less than a week after the storm hit. >> the walt disney company, parents of abc 7 have announced a $2 million contribution to the victims of hurricane sandy we're doing everything, including a cash donation and encouraging our employees to donate on their own which we'll match dollar for dollar. using the great reach of the walt disney company at abc, espn and stations to run service announcements encouraging others to donate. >> you can help by texting red cross to 90999 making a $10 donation. go to abc if you'd like to find a link. is any and abc making next monday a day of giving encouraging everyone to give to the efforts. >> coming up next, an exclusive i team report. >> the story of an 82-year-old south bay woman whose live has been taken over by the county public guardian. >> why the police were called in when the i ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jean
cliff. >> staggering damage tally in new jersey from storm owr storm sandy. >>> and good evening, once again. 34 days now until the so called fiscal cliff occurs. taxes will go upgv[; $2200 come january 1 ask both parties say they're open to compromise. the president says social media gets the message across. >> members of congress, write ask e mail. posted on the facebook walls. you can tweet it. using hash tag my 2 k. not y 2 k. my 2 k. >> one of the small business owners yesterday is the co-founder of oakland organic mushroom company called back to the roots. >> in washington, d.c. there is going to be-to-have to be things that are cut to provide stories for them to take back as proof. why this is important for small businesses to be the last things cut. they're the fabric of the country and economy. so want to stress that to them. how important this has been for us and others too. >> he admits the small business benefited from incentive programs. now they have 31 employees. >> new jersey governor says super storm sandy caused $37 billion in damage to his state saying 30,000 homes
. cooling thursday, friday. by saturday morning sunday morning. >> coming up next, after hurricane sandy. what you can do to help. >> the day of giving. >> we'll explain how you can help them >>> our parent company disney december nated today a day of giving. >> disney has given $2 million to the american red cross. samsung will make a match up to $3 million. >> you can contribute by texting letters abc to 90999 it's a $10 donation. you can also call 1-800-help now. go to red >> don sanchez is live in san francisco where they've been taking downations all day long, don? >> no. donations they want is money this, is one of the disaster vans that goes to many emergencies and there are six that are back east. among items include these, this is a cleaning kit. you know they need to clean up after water damage. the thing we really need is money. >> helps us respond quickly to people when we have money to adjust to deliver where we deliver services. $50 helps a person with meals, and items that make it easier for people suffering in a disaster. it's simple. they don't want to you
of academics. and we need to finish strong in school. >> sandy barrier is helping find the head coach. >> team builder, a staff builder. a character builder. someone who is innovative. who understand importance of academics. >> there is interest in this job. >> we'll do this as quickly as we can. the right person to lead cal football. >> detales of the buyout will be worked out. he's a good person, good coach and will land on his feet somewhere because he had a great run here, at cal. >> shu, thank you. it's unclear$r]ñ what direction cal will go. one person told me today cal was going to try for a big name. greg roman should be interviewed so should mike mcentire at san jose state. we'll have more reaction in sports this, is a great job. a lot of people are going to want it. i had an agent calling me thinking what do you think of my guy? >> this is one of the best jobs in college football. >> outstanding now. >> it's about to be illegal to bare your body on city streets in san francisco. nudists lost a battle today. there is one more vote still to go. carolyn? >> that second vote is usually
eating someone's -- sunland productses. done by super storm sandy is growing. the governor says the town reached $42 kbrinl. $32 million for repairs and resforation and $9 billion in preventative measures. kuomo says tax payers will seek disaster relief funds. >> still to come tonight at 6:00 a protest turns >>> overseas now a surprise announcement in israel bay. one of the top politicians is calling it quits. uhud barrack announced he will not seek reelection in jachblt zbrortz to polls january to 2. he had served as israeli prime minister from 1999 until 2001. egyptian president indicated today is he not backing down from a series of wide sweeping decrees issued on thursday that give sweeping powers and grants in immunity. opponents accuse him of acting like a dictator. >> dairy farmers took anger over low milk prices to the streets today. farmers soaked police with milk outside of the european union headquarters today, farmers demanding higher prices for milk which is being sold at below production costs. farm ministers due to meet on webs. -- wednesday. >> just ahead tonight case of
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7